Phonemic Pīnyīn (Īnsù Pīn·īn)

Phonemic Pīnyīn is an alternative way of writing Mandarin Chinese devised by Michael Peter Füstumum, who is learning Chinese, and who thought this would make it easier to read and write phonemically. It is based on Hanyu Pinyin, the standard Romanization for Mandarin used in China.

Phonemic Pīnyīn

Phonemic Pīnyīn (Īnsù Pīn·īn)


Download an alphabet chart for Phonemic Pīnyīn (Excel)

Sample text

Rénrén shēŋ ér z̀ió, zài zūn·ián hé qyánlì xàŋ īlù píŋděŋ. Tāmen fùiǒ lǐxìŋ hé liáŋxīn, bìŋ īŋ ǐ xiūŋdì guānxì de jīŋxén hùxiāŋ duèidài.

Hànyǔ Pīnyīn version

Rénrén shēng ér zìyóu, zài zūnyán hé quánlì shàng yīlù píngděng. Tāmen fùyǒu lǐxìng hé liángxīn, bìng yīng yǐ xiōngdì guānxì de jīngshén hùxiāng duìdài.

Simplified Chinese version



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