Zani Vizhdense Zani Vizhdense

The Zani Vizhdense script was created by René M P for the fictional conworld known as Wah'gai. The Zani Vizhdense (lit. The Sounds That Are Seen) script is used by most of the "beastblood" nations of the Southern Plains. The script is a descendant of the Tami Pictographs, and had replaced the Sono'ot script, a descendant of the Tak hieroglyphics. The script is merely 400 years old, and is now the most common writing system of the southern plains, with a huge body of native literature written in it, consisting mostly of numerous (and usually contradictory) versions of the Epic of the Rift.

Notable features

Zani Vizhdense script

Zani Vizhdense script


Zani Numerals

Sample text

Sample text in the Zani Vizhdense alphabet

IPA transcription

/ʊmʌlʌ ðʕɒlʌ zɒʒın tek sɒʌmʌ bɒmʌ sɒʌmʌ nɒhʌmenʌ tek bɒðʕʌRʌʒemenʌ gʌnı zenıhʌzʌ. tʌzʌ kʊʒʌn tek megıʒʌn gʌnı segʌzʌ mʌtekʌ tʌzʌ sɒʌmʌ tʌzʌtʌ sɒʌmʌ sɒmʌ lʊsılekʊ sɒmʌ sʌgʊðʕkʌne gʌnı hʌzıθʕɒkʌzʌ./.


Umala dhola zozhin tek soama boma soama nohamena tek bodharazhemena gani zenihaza. Taza kuzan tek megizhan gani segaza mateka taza soama tazata soama soma lusileku soma sagudhkane gani hazithokaza.

Standard English version

All human beings are born free and eqzanivizhdensel in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

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