Nyole numbers

How to count in Nyole (Lunyole), a Bantu language spoken in Tororo District of Uganda.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 ehirala  
2 ebiri ehyohubiri
3 edatu ohyohudatu
4 ene ehyohune
5 etaanu ehyohutaanu
6 mukaaga ehy’omukaaga
7 musanvu ehyomusanvu
8 munaana ehy’omunaana
9 mvenda ehy’omvenda
10 ehumi ehumi
20 abiri  
30 adatu  
40 ane  
50 ataanu  
60 nkaaga  
70 nsavu  
80 kinaana  
90 cenda  
100 cikumi  
200 bibiri  
300 bidatu  
400 bine  
500 bitaanu  
600 lukaaga  
700 lusanvu  
800 lunaana  
900 lwenda  
1,000 lukumi  
2,000 enkumi ebiri  
3,000 enkumi edatu  
4,000 enkumi ene  
5,000 enkumi etaanu  
6,000 kakaaga  
7,000 kasanvu  
8,000 kanaana  
9,000 kenda  
10,000 omutwalo  
20,000 emitwalo  
100,000 ahasirivu  
1,000,000 ahahayire  
millions obuhayire  
once lulala, oludaayi  
twice ahabiri  
thrice hadatu  
four times hane  
five times haatanu, natuna  
3/4 ehibbangiye  


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Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

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