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Oowekyala (’Uik̓ala)

Oowekyala is a northern Wakashan language spoken in the Central Coast region of British Columbia in Canada around Rivers Inlet and Owikeno Lake. In 2014 there were just six speakers of Oowekyala, according to the First Peoples' Cultural Council. There are a few more people who understand or speak the language to some extent, and a small number of learners.

Oowekyala is classified in some sources as a dialect of Heiltsuk-Oowekyala or Heiltsuk, and in others as a separate language. It is also known as Wuikala, Wuikenukv, Oweekeno, Wikeno, Owikeno, Oowekeeno, Oweekano, Awikenox, Oowek'yala, Oweek'ala. The people who speak it are part of the Wuikinuxv Nation.

Oowekyala alphabet and pronunciation

Oowekyala alphabet and pronunciation

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