Haisla (X̄a'’islak̓ala / X̌àh̓isl̩ak̓ala)

Haisla is a Northern Wakashan language spoken in the North Coast Region of British Columbia in Canada, specifically in the village of Kitimaat at the head of the Douglas Channel. In 2014 there were about 240 Haisla speakers.

The name Haisla comes from x̣àʼisla or x̣àʼisəla, which mean 'dwellers downriver'. The language has also been referred to as Northern Kwakiutl.

The two main dialects of Haisla are the Kitamaat (C̓imo'c̓a) or X̄a’islak̓ala dialect, and the Kitlope (Gitlo'p) or X̄enaksialak̓ala dialect.

Haisla alphabet and pronunciation

Haisla alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Haisla (Excel)

Information about the Haisla alphabet provided by Wolfram Siegel

Sample text

Wa qi nu'ymmasintha, qi ḡa'ḡapnds. Q̓i'p̓nxʼidi nu'snthasi ḡi wi'sms ḡa'ḡapnnds du qi ḡnm's ḡa'ḡapnds. Wa lids gey̓axc̓ya'sads hs Ba'x°bak°alanusiwaklawadsx̄i la qids ḡya'layadsx̄i, ḡ°iksuk°la'sasi gi msla qn la'qyamasisi n̓ok°s bg°a'nm. Hide' Ba'x°bak°alanusiwaklasugilhadssi la qids Ga'layads Bg°a'nmx̄i. Lanug°anu'sathin̓utha hs qik... nis q̓alh nu'ymmnds hs qi ma'kok°s ḡa'ḡapnds.

Source: http://www.languagegeek.com/wakashan/haislatext.html

Sample video in Haisla

Information about Haisla | Numbers


Information about the Haisla Language

The Haisla Nation website

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