Bunun is a Formosan language spoken mainly in the mountains of southern Taiwan. Specifically in Nantou County (南投縣), Taitung County (臺東縣), Hualien County (花蓮縣) and Kaohsiung (高雄市). There are about 38,000 speakers of Bunun (in 2002), and a total population of 50,156 Bunun people (in 2009).

There are three groups of dialects in Bunun: Northern, Central and Southern. Northern dialects are Takituduh and Takibaka, Central dialects are Takbanuaz and Takivatan, and the Southern dialect is Isbunkun. The most widely spoken of these is Isbunkun, followed by the Central dilaects. There are considerable differences between the dialects, but most Bunun speakers understand Isbunkun, as the Bunun version of the Bible is written in this dialect.

Bunun is also known as Bubukun, Bunan, Bunti, Bunum, Vonun, Vunum, Vunun or Vunung.

Bunun alphabet and pronunciation

Bunun alphabet and pronunciation


Hear Isbukun Bunun vowels

Hear Isbukun Bunun consonants

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Sample text in Bunun (The Lord's Prayer)

Inaam tu tama sia dihanin, mahtuag suu a gaan atumas-haigun, mahtuag a kasu kunastutin min-ugti, mahtuag suu a iniliskinan kpaimaupaun mas bunun nastutin, masd'ag isia dihhanin. saivavag kaimin aip mas nakanun mad'ami. pinukaavag inaam a inulivaan. masd'ag mad'ami tu mapin-uka mas itu duma bunun tu inulivaan. katu punsainun kaimin sia kuag, idagkad'avag kaimin sia hanitu, aupa kasu hai taimi-dalah, taimi-tamsad', taimi-taishag sau habashabas. amin.

Source: http://www.language-museum.com/encyclopedia/b/bunun.php

Sample videos in Bunun

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Information about the Bunun language

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