Puyuma (Pinuyumayan)

Puyuma is a Formosan language spoken mainly in Taitung County (臺東縣) in southeastern Taiwan. In 2008 there were about 1,000 speakers of Puyuma, most of whom are older adults. Younger Puyuma people tend to speak Mandarin and/or Taiwanese. Efforts are being made to revitalise the language, with classes for adults and children.

Puyuma is also known as Kadas, Panapanayan, Pelam, Pilam, Piyuma, Pyuma or Tipun. It differs significantly from other Formosan languages.

Puyuma has been written a version of the Chinese script. The Latin alphabet is also used. Relatively few Puyuma speakers can read and write their language, however some are learning. Since 1989 people have been working on a Puyuma translation of the Bible.

Puyuma alphabet and pronunciation

Puyuma alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Puyuma (Excel)


Sample text in Puyuma

Enem driya ku ami i, matemuy ki kiniyangeran kana kawaikawi aw kana unan na yaulas. Idrini i, amau nanku nilribakan temutrautrau, Ku panauwanay dra maidrangan ku tinutrautrau. "Adri mu inedang?" Ku kayaw i, "a kabung idru i! Inedang ta dra manay!"


When I was six years old, I was full of imagination about the jungle and the python. This is the first painting of my life: I took the painting to the adults and asked if they would be scared. As a result, everyone asked me what is the fear of the hat?

Source: https://youtu.be/OkkXqTogNzo

Sample videos in and about Puyuma

Information about Puyuma | Numbers


Information about the Puyuma language

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