Numbers in Puyuma

How to count in Puyuma (Pinayuanan), a Formosan language spoken mainly in Taitung County in southeastern Taiwan.

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Numeral Cardinal Counting persons Counting animals & objects Ordinal
1 sa misasa sasaya palibak
2 drua, dua miadua duduaya puka-dua
3 telru, telu miatelu tutulua puka-telru
4 pat miapat papata puka-pat
5 lrima* mialu luluata puka-lrima
6 nem, qnem mianem nanema puka-nem
7 pitu miapitu pitupitua puka-pitu
8 walru, walu miawalu waluwalua puka-walu
9 iwa, siwa miaiwa wawya waya puka-iwa
10 pulru
mektep mektep
11 pulru-sa mektep misama saya
12 pulru-drua mektep misama duduaya
13 pulru-telru mektep misama tetelua
14 pulru-pat mektep misama papata
15 pulru-luwatr mektep misama luluata
16 pulru-nem mektep misama nanema
17 pulru-pitu mektep misama pitupitua
18 pulru-walru mektep misama
19 pulru-iwa mektep misama wayawaya
20 drua-pulru
21 makabetraan misasa
22 makabetraan miadua
23 makabetraan miatelu
24 makabetraan miapat
25 makabetraan mialu
26 makabetraan mianem
27 makabetraan miapitu
28 makabetraan miawalru
29 makabetraan miaiwa
30 telru-pulru
40 pat-pulru
50 luwatr-pulru
60 nem-pulru
70 pitu-pulru
80 walru-pulru
90 iwa-pulru
100 sa leman
200 duya leman
300 telua leman
1,000 sa kuɖul
2,000 dua ya kuɖul
10,000 saya mangmangan
mektep kudul


* It seems that lrima (five) is only used to refer to the number five; in counting objects, or in any derivations, the base for five is always luwatr.

(1) Numerals (above ten) to modify non-personal nouns:

(2) Modifying personal nouns:


Information about Puyuma numerals

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

Information about Puyuma | Numbers

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