Numbers in Pazeh (Pinayuanan)

How to count in Pazeh, a Northwest Formosan language spoken by a few people in Nantou County in central Taiwan.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 ida, adang mia’ida, mia‘adang
2 dusa miadusa, dudusa
3 turu miaturu
4 supat miasupat, susupat
5 xaseb miaxasep, xaxasep
6 xasebuza (5+1) miaxasebuza
7 xasebidusa (5+2) miaxasebidusa
8 xasebituru, xaseb a turu (5+3) miaxasebituru
9 xasebisupat (5+4) miaxasebisupat
10 isit mia’isit
11 isid u adang, isit ida
12 isid u dusa, isit dusa
13 isid u turu, isit turu
14 isid u supat, isit supat
15 isid u xaseb, isit xasep
16 isid u xasebuza, isit xasebuza
17 isid u xasebidusa, isit xasebidusa
18 isid u xasebituru, isit xasebituru
19 isid u xasebisupat, isit xasebisupat
20 dusa isit
21 dusa isit ida
22 dusa isit dusa
23 dusa isit turu
24 dusa isit supat
25 dusa isit xaseb
26 dusa isit xasebuza
27 dusa isit xasebidusa
28 dusa isit xasebituru
29 dusa isit xasebisupat
30 turu a isit
40 supat a isit
50 xaseb a isit
60 xasebuza isit
70 xasebidusa isit
80 xasebituru isit
90 xasebisupat isit
100 adang hatel
200 dusa hatel
300 turu hatel
400 supat hatel
500 xaseb hatel
600 xasebuza hatel
700 xasebidusa hatel
800 xasebituru hatel
900 xasebisupat hatel
1,000 sahal, sahan, adang sahan
2,000 dusa sahal
3,000 turu sahal
4,000 supat sahal
5,000 xaseb sahal
6,000 xasebuza sahal
7,000 xasebidusa sahal
8,000 xasebituru sahal
9,000 xasebituru sahal
10,000 tutun
once matalat
twice matadusa
thrice mataturu
four times matasupat
five times mataxasep
six times mataxasebuza
seven times mataxasebidusa
eight times xasebituru
nine times xasebisupat
ten times mata’isit

Source: PAZIH DICTIONARY 巴宰語詞典 by Paul Jen-kuei Li and Shigeru Tsuchida 李壬癸 土田滋 編著, LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS, Monograph Series No.2 《語言暨語言學》專刊甲種之二, Institute of Linguistics (Preparatory Office) Academia Sinica Taipei 2001, 中央研究院 語言學研究所籌備處

Information about Pazeh numerals

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

Information about Pazeh | Numbers

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