Numbers in Saisiyat

How to count in Saisiyat (SaySiyat), a Northern Formosan language spoken in Miaoli and Hsinchu counties in northern of Taiwan.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 ’aehae’ [ʔæhæʔ]
2 roSa’ [roʃaʔ]
3 tooo’ [to:oʔ]
4 Sopat [ʃopat]
5 haseb [hasəb]
6 SayboSii [ʃajboʃi:]
7 SayboSii o ’aehae’ (6 + 1) [ʃajboʃi: o ʔæhæʔ]
8 maykaSpat (2 x 4) [majkaʃpat]
9 hae’hae’ (10 – 1) [hæʔhæʔ]
10 lampez [lampəð]
11 lampez ’aehae’ [lampəð ʔæhæʔ]
12 lampez roSa’ [lampəð roʃaʔ]
13 lampez tooo’ [lampəð to:oʔ]
14 lampez Sopat [lampəð ʃopat]
15 lampez haseb [lampəð hasəb]
16 lampez SayboSii [lampəð ʃajboʃi:]
17 lampez SayboSii o ’aehae’ [lampəð ʃajboʃi: o ʔæhæʔ]
18 lampez maykaSpat [lampəð majkaʃpat]
19 lampez hae’hae’ [lampəð hæʔhæʔ]
20 Sam’iyaeh [ʃamʔijæh]
21 Sam’iyaeh o ’aehae’ [ʃamʔijæh o ʔæhæʔ]
22 Sam’iyaeh o roSa’ [ʃamʔijæh o roʃaʔ]
23 Sam’iyaeh o tooo’ [ʃamʔijæh o to:oʔ]
24 Sam’iyaeh o Sopat [ʃamʔijæh o ʃopat]
25 Sam’iyaeh o haseb [ʃamʔijæh o hasəb]
26 Sam’iyaeh o SayboSii [ʃamʔijæh o ʃajboʃi:]
27 Sam’iyaeh o SayboSii ’aehae’ [ʃamʔijæh o ʃajboʃi: ʔæhæʔ]
28 Sam’iyaeh o maykaSpat [ʃamʔijæh o majkaʃpat]
29 Sam’iyaeh o hae’hae’ [ʃamʔijæh o hæʔhæʔ]
30 matoool [mato:ol]
40 moneSpat [monəʃpat]
50 monaseb [monasəb]
60 monSayboSii [monʃajboʃi:]
70 monSayboSii o ’aehae’ [monʃajboʃi: o ʔæhæʔ]
80 monmaykaSpat [monmajkaʃpat]
90 monhae’hae’ [monhæʔhæʔ]
100 kaboehoel, ’aehae’ kinkaboehoel
[kaßœhœl, ʔæhæʔ kinkaßœhœl]
200 roSa’ kinkaboehoel [roʃaʔ kinkaßœhœl]
1,000 ’aehae’ siyan [ʔæhæʔ θijan]
2,000 roSa’ siyan [roʃaʔ +A1:C40θijan]

Source: Paul Jen-kuei Li. A Comparative Vocabulary of Saisiyat Dialects. Acadenia Sinica.

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