Nyelâyu is a member of the New Caledonian branch of the Malayo-Polynesian language family spoken in northern New Caledonia. In 2009 there were about about 2,000 speakers of Nyelâyu, which is also known as Yâlayu or Nyâlayu.

There are two dialects which are not mutually intelligible: Pooc (or Haat), which spoken in the Belep islands to the north of Grande Terre; and Puma (or Paak or Ovac), which spoken in northern New Caledonia in the areas around Poum, Pouébo and Balade.

Nyelâyu alphabet and pronunciation

Nyelâyu alphabet and pronunciation

Download an Nyelâyu alphabet chart (Excel)

Sample text

Elo, name pari l'histoire ra bweeng. Nao ka ulayixedu, Maxeek. Te uya la beau-frère rive pwalaic, naran ni Tayema, tahitien. Te tu ka tame ka pae avave tamwa. Texa wali, te- leme tume, toma te ca nobwawinao, ka nobwawi pwemwang, nyayek, te ca nobwawiva.


Okay, I'm going to tell a story about myself, me and that old man Maxeek down there. One of our brothers-in-law arrived, Tayema was his name, a Tahitian. He went down and came up and married our sister. He was like, he would come down, but he would always provoke me, and provoke the whole household, in that place, he always provoked us.

Information about Nyelâyu complied by Michael Peter Füstumum

Information about Nyelâyu | Numbers


Information about Nyelâyu

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