Family words in Quapaw

Words for family members and other relatives in Quapaw, a Siouan language spoken mainly in Quapaw in the northeast of Oklahoma in the USA.

family ti o-zhaⁿ (ttí ožą́)
relative e-ta-ni (ettáni)
father in-da-te (idátte), iⁿ-ta-te (įttátte)
mother i-haⁿ (ihą́), i-hoⁿ (ihǫ́), e-haⁿ (ehą́), iⁿ-da (įdá)
child, children shi-zhi-ka (šižíka)
son i-zhiⁿ-ke (ižį́ke)
daughter i-zhaⁿ-ke (ižą́ke), e-zhaⁿ-ke (ežą́ke), wi-zhoⁿ-ke (wižó̜ke)
husband ni-ka i-ta (níkka ittá)
wife wa-x'o wi-ta (waxʔó wítta)
brother i-zhiⁿ-de (ižį́de) - man's elder brother
wi-saⁿ-ka (wisą́ka), i-saⁿ-ka (isą́ka), i-soⁿ-ka (isǫ́ka) - man's younger brother
wi-ti-to (wittítto) - woman's elder brother
sister i’-tunk-eh (elder sister)
we-hay (younger sister)
uncle in-da-te (idátte) - paternal
wi-tse-ke (maternal)
aunt wi-ti-mi (wittími) - paternal
iⁿ-da-nyoⁿ-hoⁿ (įdanyó̜hǫ) - maternal - older than mother
iⁿ-da-zhi-ka (įdážika) - maternal - younger than mother
cousin wi-saⁿ-ge (wisą́ge), i-saⁿ-ke (isą́ke)- male
nephew i-taⁿ-shka (ittą́ška), i-toⁿ-shka (ittǫ́ška), e-taⁿ-shka (ettą́ška)
niece i-zhaⁿ-ke (ižą́ke), e-zhaⁿ-ke (ežą́ke)
grandfather wee-zee-koh (patnernal)
in-dah (matnernal)
i-ti-kaⁿ (ittíką), e-ti-kaⁿ (eTíką)
grandmother i-kaⁿ (ikką́), e-kaⁿ (eką́) - patnernal
in-dah (matnernal)
grandchild i-to-shpa (ittóšpa), e-to-shpa (eTóšpa)
grandson wi-to-shpa she-to (wittóšpa šétto)
granddaughter wi-to-shpa she-mi (wittóšpa šémi)
brother-in-law i-ta-haⁿ (ittáhą) - man's sister's husband
i-shi-k’e (išíkʔe) - woman's husband's brother
daughter-in-law i-ti-ni (ittíni), e-ti-ni (eTíni)


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