Colour words in Creek

Words for colours in Creek (Mvskoke), a Muskogean language spoken in Oklahoma and Florida in the USA.

black lvstē - black

Shades of red

  • oklvstē = dark grey, faded black

white hvtkē - white

red catē - red

Shades of red and expressions

  • okcatē - off-red, redish, purple
  • catetv - to turn red

yellow lanē - yellow

blue holattē - blue

Shades of blue and expressions

  • okholattē - off-blue, teal (sometimes shades of indigo, violet and purple)
  • holattēcetv - to make blue

green lanē - green, unripe (fruit)

brown oklanē - brown

pink catosē - pink

Etymology: from French rose (pink).

orange yvlahv, yvlahomv - orange

grey sopahvtkē - grey, colourless, dull tipsy

Shades of grey

  • okhvtwē - pale grey, off-white

purple okcatē - purple

Shades of purple

  • pvrkomv - grape

Information provided by Patch Davis

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