Muscogee numbers

How to count in Muscogee (Mvskoke), an Eastern Muskogean language spoken mainly in south east Oklahoma. It is also known as Creek or Seminole.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 hvmken 'svhvmkat
2 hŏkkôlen 'svhŏkkôlat
3 tuccênen 'svtuccênat
4 ôsten 'sôstat
5 cǎhkêpen 'svcǎhkêpat
6 ēpâken 'sēpâkat
7 kŏlvpâken eskŏlvpâkat
8 cenvpâken escenvpâkat
9 ôstvpâken 'sôstvpâkat
10 palen espalat
11 palen hvmkŏntvlâken palen eshvmkŏntvlâkat
12 palen hŏkkôlŏhkâken palen eshŏkkôlŏhkâkat
13 palen tuccênŏhkâken palen estuccênŏhkâkat
14 palen ôstŏhkâken palen 'sôstŏhkâkat
15 palen cǎhkêpŏhkâken palen escǎhkêpŏhkâkat
16 palen ēpŏhkâken palen 'sēpŏhkâkat
17 palen kŏlvpŏhkâken palen eskŏlvpŏhkâkat
18 palen cenvpŏhkâken palen escenvpŏhkâkat
19 palen ôstvpŏhkâken palen 'sôstvpŏhkâkat
20 pale-hŏkkôlen pale-svhŏkkôlat
21 pale-hŏkkôlen-hvmkŏntvlâken pale-hŏkkôlen-eshvmkŏntvlâkat
22 pale-hŏkkôlen-hŏkkôlŏhkâken pale-hŏkkôlen-eshŏkkôlŏhkâkat
23 pale-hŏkkôlen-tuccênŏhkâken pale-hŏkkôlen-estuccênŏhkâkat
24 pale-hŏkkôlen-ôstŏhkâken pale-hŏkkôlen-'sôstŏhkâkat
25 pale-hŏkkôlen-cǎhkêpŏhkâken pale-hŏkkôlen-escǎhkêpŏhkâkat
26 pale-hŏkkôlen-ēpŏhkâken pale-hŏkkôlen-'sēpŏhkâkat
27 pale-hŏkkôlen-kŏlvpŏhkâken pale-hŏkkôlen-eskŏlvpŏhkâkat
28 pale-hŏkkôlen-cenvpŏhkâken pale-hŏkkôlen-escenvpŏhkâkat
29 pale-hŏkkôlen-ôstvpŏhkâken pale-hŏkkôlen-'sôstvpŏhkâkat
30 pale-tuccênen pale-'svtuccênat
40 pale-ôsten pale-'sôstat
50 pale-cǎhkêpen pale-'svcǎhkêpat
60 pale-ēpâken pale-'sēpâkat
70 pale-kŏlvpâken pale-eskŏlvpâkat
80 pale-cenvpâken pale-escenvpâkat
90 pale-ôstvpâken pale-'sôstvpâkat
100 cŏkpe-hvmken cŏkpe-'svhvmkat
101 cŏkpe-hvmken hvmket vpâken
200 cŏkpe-hŏkkôlen cŏkpe-'svhŏkkôlat
300 cŏkpe-tuccênen cŏkpe-'svtuccênat
400 cŏkpe-ôsten cŏkpe-'sôstat
500 cŏkpe-cǎhkêpen cŏkpe-'svcǎhkêpat
600 cŏkpe-ēpâken cŏkpe-'sēpâkat
700 cŏkpe-kŏlvpâken cŏkpe-eskŏlvpâkat
800 cŏkpe-cenvpâken cŏkpe-escenvpâkat
900 cŏkpe-ôstvpâken cŏkpe-'sôstvpâkat
1,000 cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ hvmken cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ 'svhvmkat
2,000 cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ hŏkkôlen cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ 'svhŏkkôlat
3,000 cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ tuccênen cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ 'svtuccênat
4,000 cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ ôsten cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ 'sôstat
5,000 cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ cǎhkêpen cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ 'svcǎhkêpat
6,000 cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ ēpâken cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ 'sēpâkat
7,000 cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ kŏlvpâken cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ eskŏlvpâkat
8,000 cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ cenvpâken cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ escenvpâkat
9,000 cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ ôstvpâken cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ 'sôstvpâkat
10,000 cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ palen cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ espalat
20,000 cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ pale-hŏkkôlen cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ pale-svhŏkkôlat
100,000 cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ cŏkpe-hvmken cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ cŏkpe-'svhvmkat
200,000 cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ cŏkpe-hŏkkôlen cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ cŏkpe-'svhŏkkôlat
1,000,000 cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ-vcule hvmken cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ-vcule 'svhvmkat
2,000,000 cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ-vcule hŏkkôlen cŏkpe-rǎkkŏ-vcule 'svhŏkkôlat

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- Jack Martin, Margaret Mauldin, Gloria McCarty: Pum Opunvkv (Our Language), Pun Yvhiketv (Our Songs), Pun Fulletv (Our Ways). University of Oklahoma - 2003.
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Information about Muscogee numbers

Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

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