Mikasuki numbers

How to count in Mikasuki, an Eastern Muskogean language spoken in Southern Florida in the USA.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 łáàmen [ɬáàmen]
2 toklan [toklan]
3 tocheenan [totʃeːnen]
4 shéetaaken [ʃéetaːken]
5 chahkeepan [tʃahkeːpan]
6 eepaaken [eːpaːken]
7 kolapaaken [kolapaːken]
8 toshnapaaken [toʃatapaːken]
9 oshtapaaken [oʃnapaːken]
10 pokoolen [pokoːlen]
11 pokool łáawayken [pokoːl ɬáawajken]
12 pokool toklawayken [pokoːl toklawajken]
13 pokool tocheenawayken [pokoːl totʃeːnawajken]
14 pokool shéetaawayken [pokoːl ʃéetaːwajken]
15 pokool chahkeepawayken [pokoːl tʃahkeːpawajken]
16 pokool eepaawajyken [pokoːl eːpaːwajken]
17 pokool kolapaawayken [pokoːl kolapaːwajken]
18 pokool toshnapaawayken [pokoːl toʃatapaːwajken]
19 pokool oshtapaawayken [pokoːl oʃnapaːwajken]
20 pokool toklen [pokoːl toklen]
21 pokool tokla łáawayken [pokoːl tokla ɬáawajken]
22 pokool tokla toklawayken [pokoːl tokla toklawajken]
23 pokool tokla tocheenawayken [pokoːl tokla totʃeːnawajken]
24 pokool tokla shéetaawayken [pokoːl tokla ʃéetaːwajken]
25 pokool tokla chahkeepawayken [pokoːl tokla tʃahkeːpawajken]
26 pokool tokla eepaawajyken [pokoːl tokla eːpaːwajken]
27 pokool tokla kolapaawayken [pokoːl tokla kolapaːwajken]
28 pokool tokla toshnapaawayken [pokoːl tokla toʃatapaːwajken]
29 pokool tokla oshtapaawayken [pokoːl tokla oʃnapaːwajken]
30 pokool tocheenawayken [pokoːl totʃeːnawajken]
40 pokool shéetaawayken [pokoːl ʃéetaːwajken]
50 pokool chahkeepawayken [pokoːl tʃahkeːpawajken]
60 pokool eepaawayken [pokoːl eːpaːwajken]
70 pokool kolapaawayken [pokoːl kolapaːwajken]
80 pokool toshatapaawayken [pokoːl toʃatapaːwajken]
90 pokool oshnapaawayken [pokoːl oʃnapaːwajken]
100 pokool naknosh łáan [pokoːl naknoʃ ɬáan]
1,000 pokool naknosh choobe ɬáan [pokoːl naknoʃ tʃoːbe ɬáan]


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