Duri (Masenrempulu)

Duri is spoken in Sulawesi in Indonesia, and belongs to the South Sulawesi branch of the Malayo-Polynesian language family. It is spoke mainly in north Enrekang regency in South Sulawesi province, and also in Makassar city. According to the 2000 census, there are about 130,000 Duri speakers. Duri is the prestige variety of the four Masenrempulu languages (Duri, Enrekang, Maiwa, Malimpung), and as suchis sometimes simply referred to as Masenrempulu.

Duri alphabet and pronunciation

Duri alphabet and pronunciation

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Sample text in Duri

Deen mesaq anaq dara disanga I Mina. Iyatee I Mina, tomappisaqding loko tomatuanna. Apa napau tomatuanna, iya naturuqi, sa malajaqi madosa ke nacaccai elo tomatuanna. Deen mesaq wattu na deen kallolo ponjo pisuroqi. Natarimai ambeqna, mingka tangngia tau, passangadinna olongq-kolonqra todisanga I Tattadu (Olli battoa) Njoona maiqta, dipaqbotting roami Njoo na maiqta purrana botting, nakabudami muanena, I Tattadu.

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Information about Duri

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