Batuley (Gwatle lir)

Batuley is a member of the Aru branch of the Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian language family. It is spoken by about 4,000 people in the east of the Aru Islands Regency, part of Maluku Province in eastern Indonesia, particularly on Aduar, Kumul, Gwatle, Gwari, Jursien and Sewer islands. Batuley is spoken by people of all ages, who also speak Malay and/or Indonesian, and often code-switch between these languages.

Batuley is closely related to Mariri, which is spoken in the same area. It is written with the Latin alphabet.

Batuley alphabet and pronunciation

Batuley alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Batuley (Excel)

Sample text

Kuban, kuban kuf jar ken ngaran. Kol letan. Kuban, kufar sikol lir, tuen kumuil. Kuban, kuf nono i namban jinang je amang, fei jam je gwalian, tuen kumuil, kufangon sit fanu.

I am going, I am going carrying Aru's name. I am taking to the ocean. I'm going, in search of an education, so that I come back. I am going, I am carrying a message from my mother and my father, and my brothers and sisters, so that I come back and build up our village.

Source: A grammar sketch of Batuley: An Austronesian language of Aru, eastern Indonesia, by Benjamin T. Daigle

Information about Batuley | Numbers


Information about Batuley

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