Selaru (tel Masylarkwe)

Selaru is a member of the Central-Eastern branch of Malayo-Polynesian languages. It has about 8,000 speakers in the Tanimbar Islands in the Maluku Tenggara Barat Regency of Maluku Province in the south of Malaysia. It is spoken mainly on the island of Selaru, particularly in the villages of Kandar, Lingat, Namtabung, Eliasa, Werain and Fursuy, and in the village of Latdalam on Yamdena Island. There are also some speakers of Selaru on the islands of Matakus, Nus Wotar and Tenaman and Mitak, and in Saumlaki on South Tanimbar Island, and in Ambon on Ambon Island.

Selaru is also known as Salaru. It is written with the Latin script, and there is a grammar of the language and translations of parts of the Bible.

Selaru alphabet and pronunciation

Selaru alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Selaru (Excel)

Sample text

Tia Enus neke, irkye ita anina Tulisama Botanke. Yal wamfwetke ania Alalyena Endaminke. Rasa ma klenke soso, desikeo, wamfwetke mededana i. Wamfwetke mdedana i ma kyarasy tia wasia hulosew mana idur haf.


In Enus, there lived a man named Tulisama Botan. He married a woman named Alalyena Endamin. They had been married for some time, and then the woman was expecting. The woman was expecting and it approached her time to give birth.

Source: An Introduction To The Grammar Of Selaru by David Forrest Coward

Sample video in Selaru

Information about Selaru | Numbers | Tower of Babel


Information about Selaru

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