Mandar is spoken by about 480,000 people in West Sulawesi province in Indonesia, particularly in Mamuju, Majene, and Polewali Mandar (Polman) regencies. It belongs to the South Sulawesi group of Malayo-Polynesian languages and is also known as Andian, Manjar and Mandharsche.

Mandar was formerly written with the Lontara script, but is now written with a version of the Latin alphabet.

Latin alphabet for Mandar

Latin alphabet for Mandar

Lontara script for Mandar

Lontara script for Mandar

Sample text

Iyau masara nyawa
Uwa pura diolo
masarro gassing
Na masarro maniniq

Pole memang mendiolo
Dunnia rapang tau
Anna mappau-pau

Menaleq lino maquwa
Na mupelei azamaq
Samuo naung
Na sisaraqmi tau

Sangapa dosa maraja
Mupogauq di lino
Sangapa cinna
Eloq musiolai


I, the languished one,
Have said since the beginning
So strong
So imprinted in the heart

The coming earlier
A world like Man
Clearly bright
To say and speak

The world says
You will leave me
Embrace and hug me
Before we separate

How many grave sins
That you have spread out
And how great is the love
That we intertwine together

This is an extract from a Kalindaqdaq, a traditional form of Mandar poetry.

Sample text and translation provided by Moshe Ash

Sample video in Mandar


Information about Mandar

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