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Toraja-Sa'dan (basa tora'a)

Toraja-Sa'dan is a Malayo-Polynesian language spoken in Western Sulawesi in Indonesia by about 500,000 people. The language is also known as Sa'dan, Sadan, Sadang, South Toraja, Ta'e, Tae 'Toradja and Toraja.

Toraja-Sa'dan alphabet

Toraja-Sa'dan alphabet

Sample text (Lord's Prayer)

O Ambe'ki, kipalaku anna dipakala'bi' tu sangamMi, anna patalo tu ParentaMi, benkanni tu silasanna kikande keallo-keallo. Sia pa'dei tu sala-budangki, belanna kami duka umpagarri' salana mintu' to kasalan lako kaleki. Sia da Mielorangkan diroso.

A recording of this text by Aldiero Laa Papayungan

Sample text and recording provided by Moshe Ash

Sample video in Toraja-Sa'dan

Information about Toraja-Sa'dan | Tower of Babel


Information about Toraja-Sa'dan

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