Garhwali (गढ़वळि)

Garhwali is a member of the Central Pahari branch of the Indo-Aryan language family. It is spoken mainly in the Garhwal Division of Uttarakhand State in the north of India. In the year 2000 there were about 2.92 million speakers of Garhwali, which is also known as Gadhavali, Gadhawala, Gadwahi, Gashwali, Girwali, Godauli, Gorwali, Gurvali or Pahari Garhwali.

An old form of Garhwali was used in inscriptions dating back to the 10th century AD on coins, royal seals, temple stones and so on. However, until the 18th century, Garhwali was mainly an oral language. After that, written literature in Garhwali started to be produced.

Garhwali is used as an everyday language by Garhwali people in Uttarakhand, and as a second language by Gujari, Jad and Rongpo people. It is also used on the radio, and in songs, poetry, novels, short stories and plays.

Garhwali is also spoken in other parts of India, especially in Dehli, and also in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Garhwali alphabet

Garhwali alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for Garhwali (Excel)

Sample text (The Lord's Prayer

Ye amārā Bubā jo gaiṅī-matthe chab, Tero nauṇ succo kari jaṇyaṇwaṇ. Tero rajwāṛo āṇwāṇ. Terī rājī, jannī gaiṅī-matthe, tannī būṇwāṇ bī woṇwāṇ. Amārī dinā-kī roṭī amuṇ-haṅī āj de. Wor amuṇ-haṅī amārā riṅ choḑi de, jannā amunn bī apṅā riṅiyuṇ-haṅī choḑi dinye. Wor amuṇ-haṅī parekhaṅa-maṇje naṇ likar, par amuṇ-haṅī nakhrā-maṇgann chuḑai de. Keik-taiṇ kī rajwāṛo, wor karlūt, wor ṭhullo-nauṇ, sadāīn teroī chah.

Corrections and sample text provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample videos in Garhwali

Information about Garhwali | Phrases | Numbers


Information about the Garhwali language

Garhwali phrases and lessons!forum/uttranchalkalasangam

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