Weather words in Breton

Weather words and weather-related expressions in Breton with English equivalents.

Kernewek English
Amzer Weather
Penaos eo an amzer? How's the weather?
Brav eo an amzer The weather is fine
Brav eo It's fine
Kaer eo It's excellent
Klouar eo It's warm / hot
Tomm eo It's hot
Heol Sun
Sec'h zo It's dry
Fresk eo It's cool
Yen eo It's cold
Fall eo It's bad
Brein eo It's awful, horrible
Avel Wind
Avel zo It's windy
Koumoul Cloud
Koumoul zo It's cloudy
Niwl fog, mist
Gleb wet
Gleb eo It's wet
Glav rain
Glav a ra It's raining
Grizilh, Kazarc'h Hail
Grizilhañ a ra It's hailing
Erc'h Snow
Erc'h a ra It's snowing
Kanevedenn / Gwareg-ar-glav rainbow
Gwrezverk Temperature
Rev Frost
Barr-amzer, Gwallamzer Storm, tempest


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