Weather words in Neolatin

Weather words and weather-related expressions in Neolatin(Neolatino), an international auxiliary language designed to be used by speakers of Romance languages to communicate with one another.

Neolatino English
Lo tèmpo The weather
La previsione de lo tèmpo The weather forecast
Que tèmpo face?
Como està lo tèmpo?
What's the weather like?
Face caldo
Face calore
It's hot
Face molto calore
Face molto caldo
Face caldíssimo
It's very hot
Lo caldo èst insopportàbile The heat is unbearable
Face frégedo It's cold
Face uno pauco frégedo It's a bit cold
Face fresco It's cool
Comentsa ad fàcere frégedo It's getting cold
Èst fregedíssimo It's icy
Èst aggratàbile It's nice
Face bòn tèmpo
Face bòno tèmpo
Face bèllo tèmpo
It's beautiful weather
Que bèllo día
Que bèllo jorno
What a beautiful day!
Face malo tèmpo It's bad weather
Face un tèmpo horríbile It's awful weather
Èsta húmedo It's humid
Lo vènto Wind
Hi ha vènto It's windy
Èst tempestoso It's stormy
Lo sole Sun
Èst solejjato It's sunny
La nuve cloud
Èst nuvoloso
Està nuvoloso
It's cloudy
Hi ha nèvola It's foggy
la plòjja
la plobbia
Èsta plovendo
It's raining
Èsta nevando It's snowing
la gràndine hail
la neve snow
lo tòno
lo tonitro
tònare to thunder
lo fúlmine lightning
fulminare to lightning
lo arco-íris rainbow
La tempèsta storm
La temperatura temperature
la nèvola fog
la nevolina Mist
Lo gèlo Frost
Èsta gelato It's frosty

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