Weather words in Kadazandusun

Weather words and weather-related expressions in Kadazandusun with English equivalents. Kadazandusun phrases are somewhat different in Central Dusun and Coastal Kadazan dialects.

Key to abbreviations: DTP Central Dusun, KZJ Coastal Kadazan

Kadazandusun English
Tadau the weather / sun
Kowowoyoon do tadau (DTP)
Koula-ulahon do tadau (KZJ)
the weather forecast
Poingkuro o tadau baino? What is the weather like today?
Osonong tadau baino. (DTP)
Avasi tadau baino. (KZJ)
The weather is nice today
Anawau ilo tadau. (DTP)
Anavau iho tadau (KZJ)
The sun is shining
Araat tadau (DTP)
Alaat tadau (KZJ)
bad weather
Bolobou (DTP)
Bohobou (KZJ)
Rasam (DTP)
Asam (KZJ)
Rumasam no. (DTP)
Umasam no. (KZJ)
It is raining
Asapou kopio ilo rasam. (DTP)
Asapou kozo iho asam. (KZJ)
It is raining heavily.
Moris-poris (DTP) drizzle
Salju snow
Tumuru no salju. (DTP)
Tumuu’ no salju. (KZJ)
It is snowing
Ais kodou hail
Tumuru no ais kodou. (DTP)
Tumuu’ no ais kodou. (KZJ)
It is hailing
Lumanak ais (DTP), Humanak ais (KZJ) slush
Miagal do korikot ilo rasam. (DTP)
Miaga’ do koi-ikot iho asam. (KZJ)
It looks like rain.
Kumodou frost
Lumanak no salju. (DTP)
Humanak no salju. (KZJ)
The snow has melted / has started to melt
Kumodou no. It froze.
Parasaman (DTP)
Paasaman (KZJ)
Hawun (DTP)
Avan (KZJ)
Oluhung (DTP)
Ohuung (KZJ)
It is cloudy
Oluhung ilo tawan. (DTP)
Ohuung iho tavan. (KZJ)
Clouds have covered the sky.
The sky has become overcast.
Lisohu (DTP)
Avun (KZJ)
Haro lisohu no. (DTP)
Humavun no. (KZJ)
it is foggy. / It is hazy.
Ribut (DTP)
Ibut (KZJ)
Monowogi ilo ribut. (DTP)
Monovugi iho ibut. (KZJ)
The wind is blowing; It is windy
Tongus storm
Haro Tongus. (DTP)
Kivaa tongus. (KZJ)
It is stormy
Tinggorud (DTP)
Tinggoud (KZJ)
Gonit bolt of lightning
Haro tinggorud. (DTP)
Kivaa tinggoud. (KZJ)
It is thundering
Haro gonit om tinggorud. (DTP)
Kivaa gonit om tinggoud. (KZJ)
There's thunder and lightning
Notongusan ku. I got caught by a storm.
Osogit. It is cold / It is cool
Osogit om oributan. (DTP)
Osogit om oibutan. (KZJ)
It is chilly or windy
Osonong sinogit dau. (DTP)
Avasi sinogit dau. (KZJ)
It is a comfortable temperature
Alasu. (DTP)
Ahasu (KZJ)
It is warm. / It is hot.
Magadau It is sunny.
Nadalaan dot alasu ilo tadau. (DTP)
Nadahaan dot ahasu iho tadau. (KZJ)
It is too much hot.

Kadazandusun weather words supplied by Lesley Housten C Kibat

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