Weather words in French

Weather words and weather-related expressions in French with English equivalents.

français English
le temps the weather
la météo the weather forecast
Quel temps fait-il? What's the weather like?
Il fait chaud It's hot
C'est agréable It's warm
Il fait froid It's cold
Il fait frais It's cool
Ça caille It's very cold (slang)
Il fait beau It's nice / fine
Le temps est magnifique It's beautiful weather
Il fait mauvais It's bad
Le temps est terrible It's terrible weather
Un temps de chien horrible weather (slang)
Il fait humide It's humid
Il fait du vent It's windy
C’est orageux / Il y a de l'orage It's stormy
Il fait du soleil It's sunny
C'est nuageux It's cloudy
Il fait du brouillard It's foggy
Il pleut It's raining
Il neige It's snowing
Il gèle It's freezing / icy
La pluie rain
La grêle hail
La neige snow
Le nuage cloud
La tonnerre thunder
L'éclair lightning
L'arc en ciel rainbow
La tempête storm
La température temperature
Le brouillard / la brume fog
La tempête storm

Idioms for heavy rain

français English
il pleut à verse It's raining in torrents
Il pleut des grenouilles It's raining frogs
Il pleut des cordes It's raining ropes
Il pleut des hallebardes It's raining halberds
Il pleut des clous It's raining nails
Il pleut à seaux It's raining buckets
Il pleut comme vache qui pisse It's raining like a pissing cow

Other idioms for heavy rain in various languages

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More weather words in French

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