It's raining cats and dogs

It's raining cats and dogs - from:

Idiomatic expressions for heavy rain in many different languages.

The origins of the English expression, It's raining cats and dogs, are uncertain, though the most likely source is a satirical poem by Jonathan Swift, A Description of a City Shower, first published in Tatler magazine in 1710. The poem includes the lines "Drown'd Puppies, stinking Sprats, all drench'd in Mud / Dead Cats and Turnip-Tops come tumbling down the Flood." There are more details here.

Language Idiom
Arabic Kab Min 'Ind el Rab
It's pouring from heaven
Afrikaans Ou vrouens met knopkieries reen
It's raining old women with knobkerries (clubs)
Aromanian Vearsã cu gãleata
Basque Euria goian-behean ari du
Euria barra-barra ari du
Euria adarka ari du
Euria purrustaka ari du
Belarusian Лье як з вядра (ĺje jak z v′adra)
Bulgarian Вали като из ведро (Vali kato iz vedro)
It's raining like from a bucket
Catalan Està plovent a bots i barrals
It's raining barrels and casks
Chinese (Cantonese) 倾盆大雨 (kíngpùhn daaihyúh) basin-bending big rain (frm)
落狗屎 (lohk gáusí) dog poo is falling (inf)
Chinese (Mandarin) 下傾盆大雨 [下倾盆大雨] (xìa qīngpén dàyǔ)
Basin-bending big rain is falling
Croatian Lije k'o iz kabla
It's raining like from a bucket
Czech Padají trakaře
It's raining wheelbarrows
Lít jako z konve
It's pouring buckets
Danish Det regner skomagerdrenge
It's raining shoemakers' apprenticies
Dutch Het regent pijpestelen
It's raining pipe stems
Het komt met bakken uit de lucht
It falls with buckets from the sky
English It's raining cats and dogs
It's raining buckets
It's raining stair rods
It's raining pitchforks
It's raining elephants & giraffes
It's pelting (it) down
It's bucketing (it) down
It's chucking (it) down
It's pissing (it) down
It's tipping (it) down
It's a frog strangler (Australian)
It's a frog strangling gully washer (Australian)
It's a frog strangling downpour (Australian)
Estonian Sajab nagu oavarrest
It's raining like from a beanstalk
Finnish Sataa kuin saavista kaataen
It's pouring like from a big bucket
French Il pleut des grenouilles
It's raining frogs
Il pleut des cordes
It's raining ropes
Il pleut des hallebardes
It's raining halberds
Il pleut des clous
It's raining nails
Il pleut à seaux
It's raining buckets
Il pleut comme vache qui pisse
It's raining like a pissing cow
German Es regnet/gießt Schusterjungs / junge Hunde / in Strömen / wie aus Eimern/Kübeln
It's raining/pouring shoemakers / puppies / in streams / like out of buckets
Es regnet Bindfäden - It's raining twine
German (Swiss) Es schiffet wiä d'Sau!
Greek Βρέχει καρεκλοπόδαρα (Brékhei kareklopódara)
It's raining chair legs
Haitian Creole Chyen ap bwe nan nen
Dogs are drinking in their noses
Hebrew (yoréd mabúl) יורד מבול
A flood is coming down
Hungarian Úgy esik, mintha dézsából öntenék
It's raining as if it were poured from a tub
Icelandic Það rignir eld og brennustein / Það er eins og hellt sé úr fötu
It's raining fire and brimstone
Irish (Gaelic) Tá sé ag caitheamh sceana gréasaí
It's throwing cobblers knives
Italian Piove a catinelle
Piove a dirotto
Piove che Dio la manda
It's raining like from basins / excessively / [as if] God sends it
Japanese 土砂降りである (doshaburi de aru)
Earth and sand are falling
Kannada ಹುಛುಛಗಿ ಪಲೆ ಬರ್ಥ ಎದೆ (huchuchagi male bartha ede)
It's raining like mad
Korean 비가 억수같이 쏟아진다
Rain is pouring down like a torrential downpour.
Latvian Gāž kā ar spaiņiem / Līst kā pa Jāņiem
It's pouring like from a bucket / It's raining like in Jāņi
Lithuanian Pila kaip iš kibiro
It's pouring like from a bucket
Macedonian Паѓа дожд како од крбла (Pagja dožd kako od krbla)
It's raining like from a tub.
Marathi पाउस खुप जोरात पडतोय (Pāōse khup jorāt paḍtoy)
Mongolian Хувингаар цутгах мэт бороо орч байна
(Khuvingaar tsutgah met boroo orch baina)
Rain is coming down like it's pouring from a bucket
Norwegian Det regner trollkjerringer
It's raining female trolls
Polish Leje zabami / jak z cebra'
It's raining frogs / like from a wooden bucket
Portuguese Está chovendo a cântaros / canivetes / barba de sapo / Chove como Deus a dá
It's raining jugs / penknives / toads' beards / It rains like God gives it
Romanian Varsă cu găleata Plouă cu găleata
It's raining / pouring buckets
Russian Льёт как из ведра (Liyot kak iz vedra)
It's pouring down like from a bucket
Serbian Пада киша као из кабла (Pada kiša kao iz kabla)
It's raining like from a bucket
Пада киша уби миша (Pada kiša, ubi miša)
The rain falls and kills the mice
Slovak Leje ako z krhly / Padajú traktory
It's flowing like from a watering can / Tractors are falling
Slovenian Lije kot iz škafa
It is raining like pouring from the bucket
Spanish Está lloviendo a cántaros
It's raining in jugfuls
Está lloviendo a cubos
It's raining pikes
Está lloviendo a chuzos
It's raining pikes
Está lloviendo a mares
It's raining seas
Está lloviendo a torrentes
It's raining in torrents
Estan lloviendo hasta maridos
It's even raining husbands
Swedish Det spöregnar
It's raining like rods
Det ösregnar
It's raining like ladles
Regnet står som spön i backen
The rain stands like rods in the hillside
Thai ฝนตกไม่ลืมหูลืมตา (fǒn tòk mâi luem hǔu luem taa)
It's raining ears and eyes shut
Turkish Sicim gibi yağmur yağıyor
It's raining like long strings of rope
Bardaktan boşanırcasına yağmur yağıyor
It's raining as if it's leaving the glass
Ukrainian Ллє як із відра (Llje jak iz vidra)
It's pouring like from a bucket
Vietnamese Mưa thối đất thối cát, Mưa nặng hạt, Mưa lớn
Welsh Mae hi'n bwrw hen wragedd a ffyn / cyllyll a ffyrc
It's raining old ladies and sticks / knives and forks
Mae hi'n bwrw fel o grwc
It's raining like from a bucket
Zulu Lishaya uzamcolo
Rain is pouring down

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