Lithuanian idioms

A collection of idiomatic expressions in Lithuanian with English equivalents and translations.

Idioms English versions
Akis apdumti lit. “to put smoke in the eyes” - meaning you have been deceived by a conman, or maybe a beautiful person
Akis ganyti lit. “to shepherd the eyes” - refers to when someone is admiring the view so much, they forget to pay attention to anything else around them
Bala nematė lit. “the swamp didn’t see” - when you a huge dilemma and are trying to make a decision, you might say “bala nematė” and just go for it.
Eiti pas nykštukus lit. “to go to the dwarves” = to go to the bathroom (used by children)
Man šakės lit. “I have pitchforks” - said when you have some trouble and can’t see an immediate solution, or when you feel overwhelmed by problems
Neperšokęs griovio, nesakyk ‘op Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched
(lit. “Don’t say “op” before you jump over the ditch”)
Panosė šlapia wet behind the ears (lit. “wet under the nose”) = to be inexperienced, to still be a child
Privirti košės lit. “to cook some gruel”) = to make a mess, to stir up trouble
Varnas skaičiuoti lit. “to count crows” - refers to daydreaming
Neskaičiuok varnų Stop procrastinating / daydreaming (lit. “Don’t count crows”)
Kaip šuniui penkta koja lit. “Like a dog’s fifth leg” - used to describe pointless actions or purchases
Nuo kvailumo vaistų nėra “There's no cure for stupidity”
Obuolys nuo obels netoli rieda The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (lit. “An apple rolls near an apple tree”) - meaning: a child is similar to their parents
Žodis – sidabras, tyla – auksas Silence in golden (lit. “The word is silver, the silence is gold”) - Lithuanians don't talk much, or smile, but at least they are good listeners and value silence as a main source of wisdom

Idioms provided by Ruta Naujokaite, who makes the Lithuanian Dream Podcast

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