Family words in Lithuanian

Words for family members and other relatives in Lithuanian (lietuvių kalba), a Baltic language spoken mainly in Lithuania.

family šeima
parents tėvai
father tėvas
mother motina
children vaikai; berniukas
son sūnus
daughter dukra
husband vyras
wife žmona
brother brolis
sister sesuo
uncle dėdė
aunt teta
cousin pusbrolis; pusseserė
nephew sūnėnas; seserėnas
niece dukterėčia; seserėčia
grandparents seneliai
grandfather senelis
grandmother senelė
grandchildren anūkai
grandson anūkas
granddaughter anūkė
father-in-law uošvis; šešuras
mother-in-law aktorė; uošvė
brother-in-law svainis; dieveris
sister-in-law svaine
son-in-law zentas
daughter-in-law marti

Hear some Lithuanian family words:

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Family words in Lithuanian

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