Weather words in Czech

Weather words and weather-related expressions in Czech with English equivalents. Note that talking about the weather is not as common in the Czech Republic as it is in the UK.

Čeština English
Počasí weather
Jaké je dnes počasí? How is the weather today?
Jaká je na zítra předpověď počasí? What's the weather forecast for tomorrow?
Dnes je hezky It's fine today
Dnes je ale krásně! What a lovely day!
Dnes je ošklivě The weather is bad today
Dnes je ale hrozné počasí! What a terrible weather today!
To počasí! What weather!
Je horko It's hot
Je teplo It's warm
Je chladno / zima It's cold
Je mlha It's misty
Je vetrno It's windy
Prší It's raining
Sneží It's snowing
Mrzne It's freezing
Slunce svítí / Svítí slunce The sun is shining
Bude zamračeno It'll be cloudy
sníh snow
mráz frost
déšť rain
slunce sun
mlha fog
vítr wind
bouře storm
bouřka thunderstorm

Idioms for heavy rain

Čeština English
Padají trakaře It's raining wheelbarrows
Lít jako z konve It's pouring buckets

Other idioms for heavy rain in various languages


More weather words in Czech

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