Assorted 'useful' foreign phrases

These phrases come mainly from phrasebooks and language courses. Some of them are intended to illustrate particular grammatical points, others I just found amusing. Finding occasions to use them might be quite challenging, but you'll probably have fun trying. Maybe you could use them as ice breakers, chat-up lines, as part of a comedy routine, or for some surreal conversations.

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'Useful' Czech phrases

Muž se rozhoduje pro žárovku.
The man is deciding on a light bulb.

V našem pokoji je hmyz.
There are insects in our room

Kdy jede dalši vznášedlo do Brna?
When is the next hovercraft to Brno?

Nejsem stroj!
I am not a machine!

Na mých knihách spí koza.
There's a goat sleeping on my books.

Co tady dělají tihle vlci?
What are these wolves doing here?

V ledničce je něčí hlava
There is somebody's head in the fridge

Sežrali ho nějací pavouci
Some spiders have eaten him

Tomu praseti nevěřím
I don’t trust that pig

Zeď nic nevyřeší
The wall is not going to solve anything

Musíme to auto vrátit kvůli pavoukům
We must return that car because of spiders

Když jsem kufr zaviral, to tělo v něm nebylo!
When I was closing the suitcase, the body was not in it!

Jak daleko je to do muzea koček?
How far is it to the museum of cats?

Františkův pes si nepřeje být vyšetřován
František's dog does not wish to be investigated

Od koho jsi dostala tu bronzovou krávu
Who did you get that bronze cow from?

Zahájili jsme vyšetřování Františkovy lišky
We initiated an investigation of František's fox

V Kateřininých houslích bydlí pavouci
There are spiders living in Kateřina's violin

Chci zabít draka, ale princezna se mi nelibí
I want to kill the dragon, but I don't like the princess

Ta kráva si furt na něco stěžuje
That cow is always complaining about something

S těmahle kozama musíme něco udělat
We must do something with these goats

S těmahle kozama musíme něco udělat
We must do something with these goats

Jsi drak nebo princezna?
Are you a dragon or a princess?



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