Hidatsa numbers

How to count in Hidatsa (Hiraaciré’), a Siouan language spoken mainly in North Dakota and South Dakota in the USA.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 nuwáca íìcihga
2 núùba iiruhbáà
3 náàwii iirahawíá
4 doobá iidohbáà
5 gihxú iigihxú
6 agaawá iiˀagaawá
7 sáhbua iisáhbua
8 núùbahbi iirúùbahbi
9 nuwácahbi iiruwácahbi
10 biragá iibiragá
11 axbíruwaca  
12 axbíruuba  
13 axbíraawi  
14 axbídooba  
15 axbígihxu  
16 áxbagaawa  
17 axbísahbua  
18 axbíruubahbi  
19 axbíruwacahbi  
20 núhbaabiraga  
21 núhbaabiragag nuwáca*  
22 núhbaabiragag núùba  
23 núhbaabiragag náàwii  
24 núhbaabiragag doobá  
25 núhbaabiragag gihxú  
26 núhbaabiragag agaawá  
27 núhbaabiragag sáhbua  
28 núhbaabiragag núùbahbi  
29 núhbaabiragag nuwácahbi  
30 náhawiabiraga  
40 dohbáàbiraga
50 gihxúhaabiraga  
60 agaawáhaabiraga  
70 sáhbuhaabiraga  
80 núùbahbihaabiraga  
90 nuwácahbihaabiraga  
100 biragihdíà [hundred]
biragihdíà nuwáca [one hundred]
145 biragihdíà nuwácag dohbáàbiragag gihxú  
200 biragihdíà núùba
300 biragihdíàraawii  
368 biragihdíàraawiig agaawáhaabiragag núùbahbi  
400 biragihdíàdooba  
500 biragihdíà gihxú  
600 biragihdíà agaawá  
700 biragihdíà sáhbua  
800 biragihdíà núùbahbi  
900 biragihdíà nuwácahbi  
1,000 áhgagoori [thousand]
áhgagoori nuwáca [one thousand]
2,000 áhgagoori núùba  
3,000 áhgagoori náàwii  
4,000 áhgagoori doobá  
5,000 áhgagoorigihxu  
6,000 áhgagoori agaawá  
7,000 áhgagoori sáhbua  
8,000 áhgagoori núùbahbi  
9,000 áhgagoori nuwácahbi  
10,000 áhgagoori biragá
20,000 áhgagoori núhbaabiraga  
30,000 áhgagoori náhawiabiraga  
40,000 áhgagoori dohbáàbiraga  
50,000 áhgagoori gihxúhaabiraga  
60,000 áhgagoori agaawáhaabiraga  
70,000 áhgagoori sáhbuhaabiraga  
80,000 áhgagoori núùbahbihaabiraga  
90,000 áhgagoori nuwácahbihaabiraga  
100,000 áhgagoori biragihdíà
áhgagoori biragihdíàruwaca
once nuwahcáà, nuwahcáhaa  
twice nuhbáà, nuhbáhaa  
three times nahawíá  
four times dohbáà, doobáhaa  
five times gihxúhaa  
six times agaawáhaa  
seven times sáhbuhaa  
eight times núùbahbihaa  
nine times nuwácahbihaa  
ten times biragáhaa  

*Numbers between decimals are formed by adding the coordinative suffix –g (and) to the decimal and the desired cardinal number from one to nine.

Source: Indrek Park. A GRAMMAR OF HIDATSA. Indiana University, May 2012.

Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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