Crow numbers

How to count in Crow (Apsáalooke), a Siouan language spoken in southern Montana in the USA.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 hawáta, hawáte bassáa, bassée
2 dúupa, dúupe iilúupa, iilápa, iilúupe
3 dáawii, dáawiia iiláawi, iiláwi, iiláawiia
4 shoopá, shoopé iishoopá, iishoopé
5 chiaxxú, chiaxxo iichiaxxú, iichiaxxó
6 akaawá, áka, akaawé iiakaawá, iiakaawé
7 sáhpua iisáhpua
8 dúupahpi, dúupahpe iilúupahpi, iilúupahpe
9 hawátahpi iihawátahpi, iihawátahpe
10 pilaká, pilaké iipilaká, iipilaké
11 axpáwata, axpáwate  
12 axpíluupa, axpíluupe  
13 axpílaawii, axpílaawiia  
14 axpíshoopa, axpíshoope  
15 axpíchiaxxu, axpíchiaxxo  
16 axpákaawa, axpákaawe  
17 axpísahpua  
18 axpíluuhpahpi, axpíluupahpe  
19 axpáwatahpi, axpáwatahpe  
20 dúhpaa-pilaka
dúhpaa-pilake (‘ten twice’)
21 dúhpapilak-axpáwata
22 dúhpapilak-axpíluupa
23 dúhpapilak- axpílaawii
24 dúhpapilak-axpíshoopa
25 dúhpapilak-axpíchiaxxu
26 dúhpapilak-axpíakaawá
27 dúhpapilak-axpísahpua
28 dúhpapilak-axpídúupahpi
29 dúhpapilak-axpíhawátahpi
30 dáhmiia-pilaka, dámmia-pilake  
40 shuhpáa-pilaka, shuhpáa-pilake  
50 chiaxxúa-pilaka, chiaxxúa-pilake  
60 akammáa-pilaka, akammáa-pilake  
70 sáhpua-pilaka  
80 dúupahpia-pilaka, dúupahpia-pilake  
90 hawátahpia-pilaka, hawátahpia-pilake  
100 pilak-isáa, pilakisée
(pilaka ‘ten’ + isáa ‘big’)
‘one hundred’
1,000 pilak-isáa pilake (‘ten hundred’)  
10,000 pilak-isáa pilake pilaké  
100,000 pilak-isáa pilake pilakisée  
1,000,000 dawússuua  
once hawáhtaa, hawáttaa  
twice dúhpaa  
three times dáhmiia  
four times shuhpáa  
five times chiaxxúa  
six times akammáa  
seven times sáhpua  
eight times dúupahpia  
nine times hawáhtahpia  
ten times pilahkáa  


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- A Dictionary of Everday Crow Compiled by Ishtaléeschia Báachiia Héeleetaalawe (“Squirrel that Walks Among the Pines”), Mary Helen Medicine Horse. Bilingual Materials Development Center, Crow Agency, Montana – 1987.
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Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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