Omaha numbers

How to count in Omaha (Umoⁿhoⁿ), a Western Siouan language spoken in Nebraska and Oklahoma in the USA.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 wiⁿ
2 thóⁿba wénoⁿba
3 thabthiⁿ wéthabthiⁿ
4 dúba wéduba
5 sátoⁿ wésatʰoⁿ
6 shape wéshape
7 péthoⁿba wépethóⁿba
8 pethábthiⁿ wépethábthiⁿ
9 shóⁿka wéshoⁿkʰa
10 gthéba wégtheba
11 agthíⁿwiⁿ wéagthíⁿwiⁿ
12 shapenóⁿba wéshapenóⁿba
13 agthíⁿthabthiⁿ wéagthiⁿthábthiⁿ
14 agthíⁿduba wéagthiⁿdúba
15 agthíⁿsatoⁿ wéagthiⁿsátʰoⁿ
16 agthíⁿshape wéagthiⁿshápe
17 agthíⁿpethóⁿba wéagthíⁿpethóⁿba
18 agthíⁿpethábthiⁿ wéagthíⁿpethábthiⁿ
19 agthíⁿshoⁿka wéagthíⁿshoⁿka
20 gthéba nóⁿba wégthebanóⁿba
30 gthébathábthiⁿ wégthebathábthiⁿ
40 gthébadúba wégthebadúba
50 gthéba sátʰoⁿ wégthebasátʰoⁿ
60 gthébashápe wegthebashápe
70 gthéba péthoⁿba wégthebapéthoⁿba
80 gthéba péthabthiⁿ wégthebapethábthiⁿ
90 gthébashóⁿkʰa wégthebashóⁿka
100 gthébahíwiⁿ wégthebahíwiⁿ


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