Hidatsa (Hiraaciré’)

Hidatsa is a Siouan language spoken mainly in North Dakota and South Dakota, and also in Montana, in the USA. In 2007 there were about 100 speakers of Hidatsa. The language is spoken mainly by adults over 65. The language is no longer passed on to children in families.

Since 2014 the MHA (Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara) Language Project has been working to revitalize Hidatsa. Their aim is to teach people the language, to produce learning materials, and to train teachers at Fort Berthold Community College in New Town in North Dakota.

Hidatsa alphabet and pronunciation

Hidatsa alphabet and pronunciation

You can hear the Hidatsa alphabet at:

Download an alphabet chart for Hidatsa (Excel)

Sample text

Midéegaadiwa máadiraxbihta ashí néec. Abóoga cíiʔriwa shéʔri "agí maréewa" héec. Íiruubaca máadiraxbihta ashí náaʔac. Míiraawa shéʔri "Agí maréewa" héec. Íiraawicaba máadiraxbihta ashí náaʔac. Buushíhge dóʔhiwa shéʔri "Agí maréewa" héec.


A buffalo in the boat goes to travel. A yellow butterfly that was over there said: "I want to go along". Both of them in the boat were travelling. A duck that was over there said: "I want to go along". Both of them in the boat were travelling. A blue cat that was over there said: "I want to go along".

Sample text provided by Michael Peter Fuuml;stumum. You can hear a recording of it in the video below.

Sample videos in and about Hidatsa

Information about Hidatsa | Numbers


Information about the Hidatsa language

Siouan languages

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