Mwotlap (M̄otlap)

Mwotlap is a member of the Southern Oceanic branch of the Malayo-Polynesian language family. It is spoken in Vanuatu, mainly on Motolava island, and on the nearby Ra and Vanua Lava islands. There are also a few Mwotlap speakers in other parts of Vanuatu. In 2012 there were 2,100 speakers of Mwotlap, which is also known as Motalava or Motlav.

Mwotlap alphabet and pronunciation

Mwotlap alphabet and pronunciation

Stress falls on the last syllble of words.

Download an alphabet chart for Mwotlap (Excel)

Sample text (The Story of the Gecko)

Tog tog i van en na-myanag t-Aliwan. Na-myanag t-Aliwan, na-myanag tē-Tēlmitig: Aplōw, Tēlmitig. Kōyō tog van i tog en, ba – velqōn̄, mayanag tē-Tēlmitig ni-van me Aliwan, kōyō gengen bah, kē ni-hō m̄ōl lok hag mi ni-siok. ayanag tē-Tēlmitig ni-m̄ōl, mayanag t-Aliwan ni-hatig ni-van Tēlmitig, kōyō gengen bah kē ni-hō m̄ōl lok me Aliwan. Velqōn̄ kōyō malaklak, kōyō van wanwan, kōyō gengen –


Once upon a time there lived a chief of the village of Aliwan, to the west, and a chief of Telmitig, to the east, near Aplow. They led a peaceful life. The chief of Telmitig went regularly to Aliwan to share a meal with him, then went back home by canoe. And when it was the chief of Telmitig who had made the journey, it was then the chief of Aliwan's turn to go to Telmitig to eat with his friend, before taking the canoe back home to Aliwan. Their happiness from one day to the next: meet each other to drink kava and eat together ...


Sample videos in Mwotlap

Information about Mwotlap | Numbers


Information about Mwotlap

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