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Vurës is a member of the Southern Oceanic branch of the Malayo-Polynesian language family. It is spoken in the southwest of Vanua Lava Island in Torba Province of Vanuatu. The majority of Vurës speakers are found in the village of Vētuboso in the Vurës Bay area, and also in Wasag and Kērēbētia villages. In 2012 there were about 1,000 speakers of Vurës, which is also known as Vetumboso, Vuras or Vureas. It closely related to Mwesen (Mosina), which is spoken in the southeast of Vanua Lava.

Vurës is written with an orthography developed since 1999 by Catriona Malau in consultation with Vurës speakers.

Vurës alphabet

Vurës alphabet and pronunciation

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Sample text

E Qet, e ra testesen san̄wul nem̄e ni tawal. Nēr ga togtog Leseper. Qēt, e gonon e Qet mēlēn̄; o san e Rovilgal. Le qōn̄ ni tawal, nēr me togtog, e ra testesen e Qet me gat min nē ta: "Ee! Nin a van a tar ak?" E Qet wo: "Ga wē."


Kpwet had eleven brothers. They all lived in Leseper together with Kpwet's wife, Rovilgal. One day, as they were all together, Kpwet's brothers said to him: "Let's go and make canoes! – OK", said Kpwet.

Source: http://alex.francois.online.fr/AFtxt_msn-kpwet_e-3lgs.htm

Sample video in Vurës


Information about the Vurës language

Audio recordings in Vurës

Vurës dictionaries

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