Nume is a member of the Northern Vanuatu branch of the Malayo-Polynesian language family. It is spoken by about 700 people on the northeast coast of Gaua, one of the Banks Islands in Torba Province in the north of Vanuatu.

Nume is also known as Tarasag or Gog. Tarasag is the name of the main village where Nume speakers life, and Gog is the name of the broader area. It is written with the Latin alphabet

Nume alphabet and pronunciation

Nume alphabet and pronunciation

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Sample text

God ina, na ve lolovon wos abe ganganor dol kere, abe nir ve da magevsik, wa ve da valen naesun u sogov ale taqak. Ka da wendewend ina wa domvite mina qetgin i Jesus Christ, wa na te da el linlini den na wa ganganor mile.


Information about Nume | Numbers


Information about Nume

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