Nduke (Ndughore)

Nduke is a member of the Northwest Solomonic branch of the Western Oceanic language family. It is spoken by about 3,000 people on Kolombangara Island in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands. It is spoken by people of all ages, however those under 40 years old tend to speak Nduke with less lexical richness. Solomon Pijin, the national language of the Solomon Islands is widely spoken on Kolombangara, and is replacing Nduke in some families.

Nduke is also known as Duke or Kolombangara. Native speakers call it Dughore, Ndughore or Kolei. It was first documented in 1908 by Arthur Maurice Hocart (1883-1939), an anthropologist from Guernsey. He developed an orthography for Nduke using the Latin alphabet, which was the basis for orthographies developed by Methodist and Seventh-day Adventist misionaries in 1917 and 1919. Recently a composite of those orthographies has emerged.

Nduke alphabet and pronunciation

Nduke alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Nduke (Excel)

Video in Nduke

Information about Nduke | Numbers


Information about Nduke

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