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Mato is a Western Oceanic language spoken by about 580 people (in 2002) on the north coast of the Huon Peninsula in Morobe Province in Papua New Guinea. Mato has two dialects: Tabares and Remuk, which are spoken in different villages and are mutually intelligible, with only minor variations in pronunciation and vocabulary. The language is also known as Nenaya, Nengaya and Nineia.

Mato alphabet and pronunciation

Mato alphabet and pronunciation

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Sample text

Metil tam gala ha Samasingia. Baing ngala ba ngatui barotia mari, muga bing ngala ngasok xai namuya sai’naga, ngata kenakaiyua mua saing ngaxap waxanga ba ngataxiti waxudi bu ngatui, ngaiti waxanga baing ngabagu moxa tela yanoa duxu ba, ‘Muxum’.


Metil and I went down to Samasingia. So I went and first I cut down (wood for) studs, then I went to the tree trunk. And it is done, I put the axe to it for awhile and I got my knife and cut vines so I could chop (the tree again). I raised the knife and I saw a snake they call “Muxum”.

Details of Mato supplied by Michael Peter Fustümum


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