Komo (Go-kwom / Tta Komo)

Komo is a member of the Komuz branch of the Nilo-Saharan language family spoken in Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan. In Ethiopia it is spoken in the Benishangul-Gumuz Region and also in the Gambela Region. It is spoken in the An Nil al Azraq State of Sudan, and in the Upper Nile State of Sudan. In 2007 there were 8,500 Komo speakers in Ethiopia, and in 1979 there were 10,000 speakers in Sudan.

Komo is also known as Central Koma, Como, Gokwom, Hayahaya, Koma of Daga, or Madiin. Native names for the language are Tta Komo and Go-kwom.

Komo alphabet and pronunciation

Komo alphabet and pronunciation

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Sample text

Ttayitato ba gʉkura hʉn gɨkkaw gɨme

Gʉ kura gɨ kkaw gɨ me ɨn kʉma mada koagɨ. Gɨbeni a dder yiba haʉr gɨ dududu. Hʉn dosha bbʉgɨshar ɨ kɨm kʉma. Gɨbeni, golin ɨ mɨshɨdududu. Ma ɨgɨ, ɨ kɛn. Lumʉn kʉma kkassɨ. Gɨbeni a kura kɨɨkɨr giza gɨ kɨɨtaman ba dududu. Giza bɨr da ayn, tutʉgarɨ. A kkaw ma kɨɨkɨrgɨ giza, giza bɨr da ayn, bashgarɨ tutʉ. A me shɨ, midapp giza, boipp ɨ pog ba kkaw. Gɨbeni a kura da yɨlɨrgɨ dududu, bashir pay, yar dan. A kkaw shɨ da yɨlɨrgɨ dududu, uta gʉppɨrɨ dan. A me da yɨlɨppgɨ dududu paa boipp.

Donkey, Dog and Goat

Donkey, Dog and Goat went to a funeral. Then a man came by in a car. They stopped and waited for him. Then they got in the car. After going, they arrived. They got down. Then Donkey paid the driver. His change was returned to him. When Dog paid, his change wasn’t returned to him. Goat didn’t have any money, she hid behind Dog. So Donkey doesn’t run when he sees a car, he walks freely. Dog, however, when he sees a car, just chases and barks at it. Goat runs away afraid when she sees a car.

Source: https://www.sil.org/system/files/reapdata/14/41/44/144144923589553107586233103589839587543/Notes_from_the_Komo_Language_Discover_Your_Grammar_Workshop.pdf

Sample video in Komo


Information about the Komo language

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