Thalor Ægaleinum-Pouuchuooøtau (Thalor)

The Thalor script was created by Abraham Barbosa. It is used to write a constructed language by the same name, which will appear in a series of short stories he plans to write. In the stories the language is used by an empire that conquered smaller clans and tribes. He was partially inspired by the Burmese script, and he got the idea while he was at work.

Notable features

Thalor Script

Thalor Script

Sample texts

Sample text in Thalor


A rädenim ushä dhiva.
Al räkerel bavi viva.
Fosh vi dhi zhexughizh viva.
A zabi dhithighiku.
Rädivi vizh dhi te dhiva.
Vizh thäguazh.
Dhig a zabi ava.


The flesh was rotten.
The bones were broken.
Her wounds were Deep.
The beast laughed.
Its mind was twisted.
It doesn't matter.
I am the beast.

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