Gerbh (Γερβ͂)

The Gerbh alphabet was created by Kauan Luz as a way to write Proto-Indo-European (PIE), the reconstructed ancestor of all Indo-European languages. PIE is usually written with the Latin alphabet, with lots of diacritics and other symbols. Kauan Luz decided to create a better way to write it. The Gerbh alphabet is based on the Greek, Coptic and Cyrillic, and the name Gerbh comes from the PIE root meaning 'graph' and 'carve'.

Gerbh alphabet

Gerbh alphabet

*An accent (άέίόύ) represent the rising tone and a macron (ᾱε̄ῑο̄ῡ) represents long vowels.

Download an alphabet chart for Gerbh (Excel)

Sample text (The king and the god)

Ϫρἐ̄ϟς ηεςτ; ςό әνπυτλος. Ϫρἐ̄ϟς ςύηνυμ ϝλәνητο. Τόςϳο ϙ͂έϝτορәμ πρε̄κςτ: “Σύηνυς μοϳ ϙәνηϳετο̄δ!” Ϙ͂έϝτο̄ρ τομ ϫρἐ̄ϟәμ ϝεϝκεδ: “Ηϳάγεςϝο δεϳϝόμ Ϝέρυνομ”. Ύπο ϫρἐ̄ϟς δεϳϝόμ Ϝέρυνομ ςεςολε νύ δεϳϝόμ ηϳαϙετο. “Ϙλυδ͂ί μοϳ, πτερ Ϝερυνε!” Δεϳϝός Ϝέρυνος διϝές κәμτά γ̈αχτ. “Κ̈ίδ ϝε̄ληςι?” “Σύηνυμ ϝε̄λημι.” “Τόδ ηεςτυ”, ϝέϝκεδ λεϝκός δεϳϝός Ϝέρυνος. Νυ ϫρἐ̄ϟς πότνιχ ςύηνυμ ϙεϙονηε.


H₃rḗḱs h₁est; só n̥putlós. H₃rḗḱs súhxnum u̯l̥nh₁to. Tósi̯o ǵʰéu̯torm̥ prēḱst: "Súhxnus moi̯ ǵn̥h₁i̯etōd!" Ǵʰéu̯tōr tom h₃rḗǵm̥ u̯eu̯ked: "h₁i̯áǵesu̯o dei̯u̯óm U̯érunom". Úpo h₃rḗḱs dei̯u̯óm U̯érunom sesole nú dei̯u̯óm h₁i̯aǵeto. "ḱludʰí moi̯, pter U̯erune!" Dei̯u̯ós U̯érunos diu̯és km̥tá gʷah₂t. "Kʷíd u̯ēlh₁si?" "Súhxnum u̯ēlh₁mi." "Tód h₁estu", u̯éu̯ked leu̯kós dei̯u̯ós U̯érunos. Nu h₃réḱs pótnih₂ súhxnum ǵeǵonh₁e.


Once there was a king. He was childless. The king wanted a son. He asked his priest: "May a son be born to me!" The priest said to the king: "Pray to the god Werunos." The king approached the god Werunos to pray now to the god. "Hear me, father Werunos!" The god Werunos came down from heaven. "What do you want?" "I want a son." "Let this be so," said the bright god Werunos. The king's lady bore a son.



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