Pauna (Paunaka)

Pauna is a Southern Arawakan or Maipurean language spoken in Chiquitanía region of Santa Cruz Department in eastern Bolivia. In 2012 there were just eight speakers of Pauna, all of whom were over 50. Some other members of the Paunaka ethnic group can understand the language.

Pauna alphabet and pronunciation

Pauna alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Pauna (Excel)

Sample text

Tikechunube chënachë kupisaire tiyuikukubu chisemaikukubu yetiko nebuyu chisimuku isini tinikukuiku chieche, Echu kupisaire chiyeseikuchi chieche pero echu kuina kompirauchi. Echu kupisaire tikujemu chamayu. Tanëma echu kupisaire pensau chenkañaraupuchi echu isini i tikechiuchi: “!Pisamuka! kapano tujÿveiku tijïmamapui i chijarerepaikakena tumuyubuiu echy mukiankajane.

Spanish translation

Dicen que un zorro caminaba buscando comida cuando encontró un tigre comiendo carne. El zorro le pidió carne pero esto no le invitó. El zorro se enojó muchísimo. Entonces el zorro pensó engañarlo al tigre y le dijo: “¡Escuchá!, viene un viento fuerte y arrastará por el suelo a toditos los animales.”

English translation

It is said that a fox walked looking for food when he found a tiger eating meat. The fox asked for meat but it did not invite him. The fox became very angry. Then the fox thought to deceive the tiger and said: "Listen! a strong wind comes and will drag all the animals all over the ground."

Source: Cuentos y relatos en la lengua Paunaca

Corrections and additions provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample video in Pauna

Paunaka - Bolivia from Endangered Languages Archive on Vimeo.


Information about Pauna

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