Baure is a Southern Arawakan language spoken in northeastern Bolivia, particularly in the municipalities of Baures, Huacaraje and Magdalena in Beni Department. In 2012 there were 67 speakers of Baure, all of whom were adults over 60 years old. Another 500 people over 40 have a passive knowledge of the language. Few children and young people speak it. Most Baure people, who number between 3,000 and 5,000, are shifting to Spanish.

Baure has been one of the official indigenous languages of Boliva since 2000. It is also known as Bauré or Chiquimiti. Dialects include Baure, Carmelito and Joaquiniano.

Baure can be written with the Latin alphabet, although there appears to be no standard way to write it. There are translations of parts of the Bible and some of literature in Baure. Efforts are being made to revitalize the languages with language classes in schools and for adults.

Baure alphabet and pronunciation

Baure alphabet and pronunciation


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