Yucuna (Jukuna)

Yucuna is a Northern Maipurean or Arawakan language spoken in the south of Colombia along the Mirití-Paraná River, a tributary of the Caquetá River, particularly in the Puerto Santander municipality of the Amazonas department, and in the west of the Caqueta department. In 2012 there were about 770 speakers of Yucuna, which is also known as Matapi, Yucuna-Matapí, Yukuna or Yukunais.

Yucuna is written with a version of the Latin alphabet, although few Yucuna speakers are able to read and write it. There is some written material in Yucuna, including a dictionary and grammar

Yucuna alphabet and pronunciation

Yucuna alphabet and pronunciation


The symbol ', which represents a glottal stop [ʔ], is also used, but is not considered part of the Yucuna alphabet.

Sample text (The Lord's Prayer)

Huara'apá, je'echú chu i'imacare. Palájne'eque huani picá. Piyuqueja ina'uqué huacára'ajeri penaje picá. Huahuata caja pi'imacá Huahuacára'ajeri. Huahuata caja ina'uqué la'acá maare eja'ahuá chu nacaje pihuátaca que, je'echú chu nala'acá que caja. Pa'á huajló a'ajnejí chuhuajá, huajñácaloje penaje. Pamó huachaje pu'uhuaré huala'acare liyá, huamaco ajopana chaje chapú nala'acare huecá liyá que caja. Piyuríniya nacaje a'acá huame'é rijluhua, huala'acá piyá pu'uhuaré raú. Pi'imatá caja huecá pu'uhuaré la'ajeño huacára'ajeri liyá. Huahuacára'ajeri huani picá. Picá hue'epiri piyuqueja nacaje la'acana nacojé. Matajnaco pi'imajica. Caja queja pi'imajica palánija.

Source: https://www.bible.com/es/bible/1101/mat.6.ycnnt

Details of Yucuna provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample videos in Yucuna

Information about Yucuna | Tower of Babel


Information about Yucuna

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