Family words in Vietnamese

Words for family members and other relatives in Vietnamese (tiếng việt), an Austroasiatic language spoken mainly in Vietnam.

The characters in [brackets] are in the Chữ-nôm script [𡨸喃], which was used to write Vietnamese from the 13th century to the early 20th century, and which is still studied and taught.

Key to abbreviations: NV = Northern Vietnamese, SV = Southern Vietnamese

  Vietnamese (tiếng việt)
family gia đình [家庭]
relative họ hàng
parents bố mẹ [𢂞母], ba má
father cha [𤕔]; bố [𢂞] (NV); ba (SV)
mother mẹ [母] (NV); má (SV)
children con cái [𡥵]
son con trai [𡥵𤳇]
daughter con gái [𡥵𡛔]
husband chồng [重]
wife vợ [𡞕/𡢼]
brother anh [偀] - older brother
em [俺] - younger brother
sister chi [姉] - older sister
em [㛪] - younger sister
uncle bác [伯] (trai) - elder brother of parents
chú [注] - father's younger brother
cậu [舅] - mother's brother
dượng - mother's younger sister's husband
aunt bác [伯] (gái) - elder sister of parents
cô [姑] - father's younger sister
dì [姨] - mother's younger sister
thím [婶] - father's younger brother's wife
mợ - mother's brother's wife
cousin anh họ [偀戶] - older male cousin
chị họ [姉戶] - older female cousin
em họ [腌戶] - younger cousin
nephew cháu trai
niece cháu gái
grandfather ông nội, ông [翁] (paternal)
ông ngoại [翁外], ông [翁] (maternal)
grandmother bà nội, bà [婆] (paternal)
bà ngoại, bà [婆外] (maternal)
grandson cháu trai [𡥙𤳇]
granddaughter chau gai [𡥙𡛔]
father-in-law cha chồng [𤕔重]
ba vợ [𢂞𡞕]
cha chồng
mother-in-law mẹ chồng [母重]
mẹ vợ [母𡞕]
nhạc mẫu
brother-in-law anh rể [偀婿]
anh em chồng [偀俺重]
anh em rể [偀俺婿]
anh em vợ [偀俺𡞕]
sister-in-law chị chồng [姉重]
chị dâu [姉妯];
chị vợ [姉𡞕]
em dâu [㛪𡞕]
son-in-law con trai [𡥵𤳇]
daughter-in-law con dâu [𡥵𡞕]

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