Chatino (chaqF tnyaJ)

Chatino belongs to the Zapotecan branch of the Oto-Manguean language family. It is spoken in the south of Oaxaca state in southern Mexico. According to the 2010 Mexican census there are about 45,000 speakers of Chatino [source].

There are in fact three Chatino languages: Zenzontepec Chatino, which is spoken in the Sola de Vega district; Tataltepec Chatino, which is spoken in Tataltepec, and Eastern Chatino, which is spoken in Juquila district. There is 0-80% mutual intelligibility between these languages, each of which has a number of dialects.

Ethnologue lists six Chatino languages: Eastern Highland Chatino, Nopoala Chatino, Tatltepec Chatino, Western Highland Chatino, Zacatepec Chatino and Zenzontepec Chatino [source].

Eastern Chatino alphabet and pronunciation

This is the Practical Orthography of Eastern Chatino Varieties devised by Emiliana Cruz [source].

Eastern Chatino alphabet and pronunciation

In this orthography Chatino is written in lower case, with tone letters at the ends of words in upper case, or in some case the tone letters are written above the words they are attached to, e.g. chaqF tnyaJ. The tones vary in different varities of Chatino. More details (PDF). The tones shown above are for the Yaitepec variety of Eastern Chatino.

Download an alphabet chart for Chatino (Excel)

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Information about Chatino

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