Chayuco Mixtec (tyehen ñi)

Chayuco Mixtec is a Mixtecan language spoken by about 20,000 people in Oaxaca in southern Mexico, particularly in the towns of in the towns of San Agustín Chayuco, Santa Catarina Mechoacán, Santiago Jamiltepec, San Andrés Huaxpaltepec, Santa María Huazolotitlán, Santiago Tetepec, and Santa Elena Comaltepec.

Chayuco Mixtec is also known as Chayuco-Jamiltepec Mixtec, Mechoán, Mixteco de Chayucu or Cristobál-Chayuco. It is written with the Latin alphabet.

Chayuco Mixtec alphabet

Chayuco Mixtec alphabet and pronunciation


A high tone can be indicated with an acute accent (á), low tone can be indicated with a grave accent (à), and a mid-tone can be indicated with a macron (ā). Tone marking is optional.

Download an alphabet chart for Chayuco Mixtec (Excel)

Sample text in Chayuco Mixtec

Iyo minoo ra ndahvi, ndaa ra tuticaha. Tasi ñiyɨvɨ, ñu xu sii tuticaha cuan, sii ra sa cundaa ra. Ñaa ca cunhva caa ohon sa vasi cundisi. Ta ndaa ra tuticaha cuan vatyi vaha ndhyaa yoo. Ta sa cua saa ra ndya saha ndaha tu. Ta ña cuu quɨhvɨ ra vatyi cuaha xaan ticaha iñi nuu tu.

Translation (Spanish)

Un pobre hombre se subió a una palma de cocos, porque los dueños de la palma se lo mandaron. Todavía era muy obscuro, pues eran como las cinco de la mañana y el hombre se habíá subido con la luz de la luna. Ya casi iba llegando; pero no pudo porque había muchos cocos secos en la palma. Agarró una rama seca, se vino para bajo y cayó sentado. Se juntó mucha gente y lo taparon con una cobija.

Translation (English)

A poor man climbed into a coconut palm, because the owners of the palm told him to. It was still very dark, because it was about five in the morning and the man had climbed by the light of the moon. He had almost reached the top; but he couldn't because there were many dry coconuts in the palm. He grabbed a dead branch, looked down and fell to the ground.

Source: Cuhva i canacava minoo ra nuu tuticaha (El hombre que se cayó de la palma de cocos / The Man Who Fell out of the Coconut Palm)

Sample videos in Chayuco Mixtec

Information about Chayuco Mixtec | Numbers


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