Sierra Otomi (Yųhų / Ñųhų)

Sierra Otomi is a member of the Eastern Otomian branch of the Oto-Manguean language family. It is spoken in Eastern Hidalgo, Western Veracruz and Northern Puebla in southern Mexico. It is spokenby about 71,300 people.

Sierra Otomi is also known as Highland Otomi or Otomi de la Sierra. There are three varieties: Eastern Highland, Texcatepec and Tenango, which are classified as separate languages in some sources.

Eastern Highland Otomi (Yųhų) is spoken by about 49,300 people in the municipalities of Huehuetla, Otomi de la Sierra Baja, Otomi-Tepehua and San Bartolo Tutotepec in Hidalgo state; in the municipalities of Pahuatlan, Pantepec, Tlacuilotepec and Tlaxco in Puebla state, and in Ixhuatlan de Madero and Tlachichilco municipalities in Veracruz state.

Tenango Otomi (Ñųhų) has about 10,000 speakers in the states of Hidalgo and Puebla.

Texcatepec Otomi (Ñųhų) is spoken by about 12,000 people in the municipalities of Texcatepec and Zontecomatlán in Veracruz state. It is also known as Northeastern Otomi or Otomí de Texcatepec.

Sierra Otomi alphabet

Sierra Otomi alphabet and pronunciation


Download an alphabet chart for Sierra Otomi (Excel)

Information about the Sierra Otomi alphabet supplied by Wolfram Siegel

Sample text (John 3:16)

Nguetho ɛ̨mmɛ di huɛ̨gahʉ Oją gue dí ꞌbʉhmbʉ ua ja ra ximhäi. Janangueꞌa bi ꞌdajʉ rá ꞌdatsꞌʉntꞌʉ ngue ma yąntehʉ, nꞌdamhma hin da nu ran ʉnbi maząi toꞌo gätho di däp rá mbʉi a, pɛgue din tꞌun ra ꞌdaꞌyote maząi.

Source: Sierra Bible - New Testament.pdf


For God so loved the world,that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


Sample videos in Sierra Otomi


Information about Sierra Otomi Sierra Bible - New Testament.pdf

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