Family words in Navajo

Words for family members and other relatives in Navajo (Diné Bizaad), an Athabaskan language spoken in Arizona and New Mexico in the USA.

Note: some kinship words are different depending on whether they are said by a male or a female. Those that differ are indicated by (m) and (f).

family k’é (kinship, extended family); ak’éí; hakʼéí; hooghan hazʼą́
relative hakʼéí
father shizhé’é
mother shimá
child, children awééʼ; áłchíní
son biyeʼ; biyáázh; ghe’
daughter achʼéʼé; hatsiʼ
husband hahastiin
wife hweʼesdzáán
brother shinaaí (older); shitsilí (younger)
sister shiadí (older); shideezhi (younger)
uncle shi bízhí zhéʼí’ yázhí (father's brother)
shidá’í’ (mother's brother) - m
shi yáázh (mother's brother) - f
aunt shi bízhí - shimá (father's sister)
shimá yázhí (mother's sister)
cousin (used by males) shik’is (father's brother's son)
shi lah’ (father's brother's daughter)
shił naa’aash (father's sister’s son)
shi zeedí (father's sister’s daughter)
shił naa’aash (mother’s brother's son)
shi zeedí (mother’s brother’s daughter)
shínaaí - shi tsilí (mother's sister’s son)
shádí - shi dezhí (mother's sister’s daughter)
cousin (used by females) shi lah’ (father's brother's son)
shik’is (father's brother's daughter)
shi zeedí (father's sister’s son)
shi zeedí (father's sister’s daughter)
shi zeedí (mother’s brother's son)
shi zeedí (mother’s brother’s daughter)
shínaaí - shi tsilí (mother's sister’s son)
shádí - shi dezhí (mother's sister’s daughter)
niece atsi’ (brother's daughter)
grandparent bitsoi
grandfather shinálí (paternal) shicheii (maternal)
grandmother shinálí (paternal) shimásání (maternal)
grandchild bitsóóké
grandson hatsóí ashkiígíí
brother-in-law hayé
daughter-in-law hazháʼáád
son-in-law aadaaní; doishʼíinii; doo yooʼíinii


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